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Resolving Browser Related Issues (Clearing Browser Caches)
Resolving Browser Related Issues (Clearing Browser Caches)

How to fix issues in your browser that could be impacting the performance of Prospect.

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Sometimes, internet browsers need resetting to fix issues with how they display websites or web apps. Find your browser from the list below, and follow the instructions to correctly reset the cache.

Google Chrome

In the address bar of Google, copy and paste the following text, then hit 'Enter' or select the magnifying glass:


You should now be on the Settings page. Now, enter into the search box in the top right-hand corner. This should bring up in the list of sites in the middle of the page.

Click on the three dots to the right of the website, and choose 'Clear data'.

Choose 'Clear' when it asks you to confirm this action.

Now, restart your browser and log back into the CRM. Your Google Chrome cache should now be cleared.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox and press CTRL + H to open the browser history. Once open, type into the search at the top.

Right click on any of the entries that appear in the list and select 'Forget About This Site'.

Now, restart your browser and log back into the CRM. Your Firefox cache should now be cleared.


When in the Safari app, open the Developer Tab and select Empty Cache.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is not a supported browser, and support from Microsoft ended in June 2022, however there may still be some components that use Windows' built-in Internet Explorer engine to render.

In order to clear the IE cache, you will need to search Windows for Internet Options:

Once opened, click on the General tab then click Delete under Browsing History.

Tick all the checkboxes and click Delete, then click Apply and OK to close Internet Options. Then restart your CRM app.

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