Operating Companies

What are Operating Companies and why do we use them?

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What are Operating Companies?

Operating Companies are a system used within the CRM to allow multiple accounting systems e.g. Exchequer and Pegasus Opera to operate within the one database. 

When would I set up more than one?

You may have one main company which has two distinct sub-companies or Companies, so would need to set up two different Operating Companies. 

The main reason why you might want to set up more than one Operating Company is if you are using more than one accounting system. 

Setting up an Integration

When you set up the integration to one of our partner accounting systems or inventory management systems, you will be asked to set up at least one Operating Company, and would recommend you call this Operating Company the same name as your company's name. 

Should you have any questions when setting up the integration, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our Customer Success team - they're on hand to help!

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