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Clearing a Task from a Contact
Clearing a Task from a Contact

This article outlines how to remove a Task from a Contact.

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If you want to clear and complete a Task that's been set, you can do this one of two ways:

  1. Click the 'Follow-up Date' button in the Communication tile, or

  2. By using the Activity section of a Contact

Certain statuses of other records (Opportunities and Problems) may require a Task before the window can be closed, so the below functionality will only allow you to add notes and change the Task user. You will know this because the 'Clear Task' button is greyed out. You can review these statuses in Settings following this guide, click here.

Follow-up Date button

Step 1: Open a Contact

With the Contact open, you can see who the Contact is currently assigned to in the Communication tile on the right-hand side if you're using a large screen, or at the bottom of the page on a smaller screen.

Step 2: Select Follow-up Date Button

Clicking the 'Follow-up Date' button will open the Task window and allow you to clear the Task.

Step 3: Click Clear Task

To clear the Task press the 'Clear Task' button.

Please Note: if the 'Clear Task' button is greyed out, it means the status the record is in, requires a Task to be set. Please speak to your Admin to ask what status the record needs to be in or review this guide.

This will clear the User and add the default note of 'Task Clear'.

Step 4: Click Save!

Once happy with information, click 'Save', and this will clear the Task and update the activity page. 

Using the Activity panel 

Step 1: Add Notes

By clicking on the 'Add your reply here...' section, it'll open up a text box for you to enter in any notes that you wish to add when clearing the Task.

Step 2: Click Task

Once happy with the message, you can click the 'Assign Task' button. This will open the Task window. 

Step 3: Select Clear Task

Clicking on the 'Clear Task' button will remove the Task from the currently-assigned user. 

If you didn't fill in any notes on the Activity feed, pressing 'Clear Task' will add a default 'Task Cleared' note for you in the text box.

Please note: If the Clear Task button is greyed out, this is because the record is in status that requires a Task. You can configure which record statuses require Tasks in the system settings for Problems here or for Opportunities here.

Step 4: Save!

Once happy with the information, click 'Save' and this will clear the Task and update the Activity feed. 

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