Setting a Task
This article outlines how to set a Task on a record within the CRM.
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The CRM allows you to assign tasks to either yourself or other users and will notify whoever has been selected via email.

Step 1: Click Next Action Due Tile

If you wish to transfer the ownership of a CRM record and assign a Task to another CRM user or yourself, simply click the 'Next Action Due' button on a record. This button is typically located underneath the At A Glance section of a record on the main Details page. 

Step 2: Add Note for Task

By clicking on the 'Next Action Due' button, it'll open up a text box. Here, you can add notes which will be sent with the Task, as well as styling to your message, such as bold and italics.

Step 3: Select Task User

You can then select the CRM user you wish to send the Task to and the day you'd like the Task to appear in their to do list. Once you've selected a date, you can then view how many Tasks that user has already assigned to them for that day and how many overdue Tasks they have. 

Step 4: Save!

Once happy, click 'Save' and this will then send that user an email with the Tasks message and a link to the record. 

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