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Creating Your Site
Creating Your Site

This article outlines the basic steps to creating your first web site.

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What's covered in this article

Log into the web portal with your log in credentials, you will need to either follow the link or access the website from the URL below:

After you have entered your details, you will be taken into the portal. 

Creating a Prospect Site

Step 1: Select 'Sites' From the Toolbar

To create a new website, select 'Sites' from the toolbar within the Portal.

Should this be the first website you are going to create with Prospect, you will be greeted with a welcome message and the option to 'Get Started'

To then create a new site, simply click on 'Get Started'

If you already have an existing site with Prospect, you will have the option to select a site from the library or alternatively, create a new site.

Step 2: Select a Template

You will now have the option to select a template from the gallery. There are various categories to select a base template that matches your preferences.

Step 3: Customising your Template

To customise the template further, you can adjust the colour scheme to suit your branding. You also have the ability to select template colours from an image. Drag and drop an image of your company logo and Prospect will determine the primary and a complimentary secondary colour to style your template. 

Step 4: Adjusting Further Fields

Your site is almost complete, there are just a few more fields to adjust. 

Colour --> Your chosen colour scheme, you have the ability to modify here

Company --> The name of your company 

Site Description --> What is the site being used for?

Staging Domain --> Hosted,a link to preview and share before the site is published live to the web.

Show Product Images -->  Do you want to display product images? (These are images already stored in your accounts system, you can import and modify all product images in the Product manager)


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