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Creating New Web Product Groups
Creating New Web Product Groups

This article outlines how to create new web product groups within the Product Manager.

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A product group will be displayed on your integrated eCommerce site, organising your product catalogue by grouping product items together.

Step 1: Choose Product Group Placement

To create a new product group to display on your website, click on where you wish to add the new product group to within the product group tree. For example, you may wish to add a new product group to the parent group, Alarm Systems. Once you've chosen where you'd like to place your new group, select the 'Create Group' button.

Step 2: Add Group Description & Code

You'll then be asked to input a new Group description and Group code. Please note: the group code needs to be unique. Once happy with the description and code, click 'Create', and your new web product group will then be added to the product group tree within the Product Manager and to the website. 

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