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Editing Product Group Descriptions
Editing Product Group Descriptions

This article outlines how to edit product group descriptions within the Product Manager.

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Product Groups determine the structure of your website and in particular, how your product items are displayed. It is crucial to have logical and relevant product group names, so customers can easily find the required product item. 

Step 1: Find the Required Product Group

To edit a product group description, find the required product group within the group tree located on the left-hand side of the 'Product Manager'. For example, I may wish to update the product group 'Domestic Alarms' located within the parent product group 'Alarm Systems'.

Step 2: Change the Product Group Description

Once you have found the required product group, click on the pencil icon next to the group name, this will open the Product Group Configure window. Within here you can change the product group description by typing in the 'Description' field. Once completed, click outside the description field and your new product group description will be saved. 

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