Recording information in the CRM, like a phone call from a customer, notes from a meeting or a users thoughts on a situation, is critical to ensure everything is stored in one centralised place. The same steps should be followed if you're adding a note to an Opportunity, Problem, Contact or Company. 

For this example, the note will be added to an Opportunity. 

The Activity feed will show you any notes which have been added to the record previously. The user of the CRM who added them, as well as the date and time of when it was added, will be displayed to give an audit trail of information added.  

Step 1: Click in Activity Feed

To add a new note simply click in the 'Add your reply here...' section.

Step 2: Add your Note

Simply enter, or copy and paste, the required information in and click 'Post' for this to be saved into the CRM and visible for the other users. You can use the formatting options such as bold, italics, bullet points etc., and there's also the option to include hyperlinks, YouTube videos and emojis. Additionally, you can adds tags to your note.

Step 3: Posting your Note

Once happy with your note, just click 'Post' to add it to the Activity feed. You can then filter the Activity feed to only show certain types of notes by clicking on the filter icon at the top of the activity section and then clicking on your preferred tag e.g. 'Customer Meeting'. 

Finally, you can also make a note a Key Item, by clicking the star icon against a note within the Activity feed (it'll turn yellow when toggled on).  

By using the filter again, you can choose to show key items only, which will then only show notes which have been marked as a key item.

You can also pin key items, which will then appear at the top of the Activity, making it much easier to find them! 

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