Please note: this feature is in Preview at the moment, which means we're still making a few tweaks here and there to make it even better. It also means that while all customers can benefit from P.A.I.G.E.'s alerts right now, when it's out of Preview it may be restricted to certain subscriptions.

In trials, P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect AI Growth Engine) identified customer churn several weeks before Account Managers did, and about 8 weeks before traditional reporting methods highlighted the churn.

You can find your customer churn alerts via the of Sales Reports, in the left-hand menu:

How does it work?

P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect AI Growth Engine) can process huge amounts of data in a few like how many days it's been since a customer last ordered with you, and the average number of days between their orders, combined with their standard deviation, and then comparing these with similar customers. All this is fed into the AI engine, which spits out critical insights - allowing your teams to act quicker and more decisively when there is an alert, but also allows them to relax, and focus elsewhere when a customer doesn't have an alert - knowing that P.A.I.G.E. is monitoring every single customer, every single day, so that you don't have to.

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