Emails can be sent from multiple locations within the CRM. It is important to remember the hierarchy of the CRM when attempting to send an email. If you send an email from a Lead or a Problem it will default to the email address of the Contact who the Lead or Problem is logged underneath. 

Anytime you see the icon shown below you will be able to send an email from that record location in the CRM. 

  Clicking on the icon will open the 'Send email' window as shown below. 

By default it will include the email address from the record it was created against, or underneath if a Lead or Problem. 

You can also 'Cc' or 'Bcc' individuals if required as well as adding a subject line. 

If you have created any templates to be used for an email these can be selected from the 'Select a Template' drop down. 

Files can be attached by dragging and dropping them into the section shown below or by clicking on the 'Add attachments' button. 

Clicking on 'Add attachments' opens the window shown below. 

The 'My Computer' tab allows you to search to a file on your own computer. 

'Existing Documents' allows you to add any documents which have already been created from within the CRM against the record you are sending the email from. 

'New Documents' allows you to create and attach any template documents which have been set up within the CRM. 

'Attachments List' shows any files which have been added to the email. 

 You can also see any files which have been attached to the email from the main 'Send email' window. This will show you the size of the attachment and also give you the ability to remove the attachment by clicking on the X icon. 

By default the email will automatically save into the CRM and will also send a copy to the user who created the email. These can be toggled on or off using the buttons shown below. 

For more information about sending emails please see our video below.

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