Saving important emails into the CRM is extremely helpful for you and your colleagues to help keep track of correspondence. By saving emails against the relevant Contacts in Prospect CRM, you have one central location to store all of your communications with your stakeholders, so nothing gets missed. Plus, by saving emails into the CRM, all CRM users will have access to these important emails, which can be helpful if a colleague is away or out on the road. The CRM Inbox Address enables you to forward all emails to be automatically saved into the CRM. When setting up a forwarding rule within Gmail, there's a few extra steps to complete to verify this with Gmail.


  • You need to be a licenced CRM User to use this feature

Step 1: Follow Gmail's Automatic Forwarding Guide

First, follow the steps in Gmail's Automatic Forwarding Guide to set up the forwarding rule from your Gmail account - here's their guide.

Step 2: Send Verification Email to CRM Inbox Address

One of the steps in setting up automatic forwarding in Gmail is to send a verification email to the email address that the forwarding is being set up for. Therefore, you'll need to send the verification email to your CRM Inbox Address.

The verification email will be saved in your CRM - locate this email by searching for 'forwarding confirmation' within the main Global Search. In the Documents section, you'll find the verification email. Please note: you may need to enable the Documents search within the Global Search.

Click into the email to obtain the verification code required to complete the set up of the automatic forwarding within Gmail.

Once you've completed the set up, you can delete the email from the CRM by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner and selecting 'Delete'. Please note: you'll need delete permissions to delete the email from the CRM.

To learn more about the CRM Inbox Address, go to our article here.

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