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Learn how the CRM automatically flags your customers as B2C.

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What are the B2C Matching Rules?

The CRM can be configured to automatically flag customers imported from your ERP/Accounting system as B2C records using the B2C matching rules system setting. This article covers how this works for manual matching rules, including regular expression, as well as how the automatic matching applies generally and any ERP/Accounting system-specific rules.

General Rules

A record will be classified as B2C if the First Name and Last Name combined match the Company Name, when all none alphanumeric characters are removed.

Using Regular Expression

The optional Regular Expression setting allows you to input a regular expression to match against the company name of imported records. This regular expression will be run against the company name of every ledger. If it matches, the ledger is classified as B2C.

​For example, 'Amazon' will match anything that contains the phrase 'Amazon', while '^Amazon' would only match accounts that begin with 'Amazon'.

To apply a range of different rules, include a pipe symbol between each regular expressions. For example, 'Amazon|Shopify|Weborder' will match any where any one of those three phrases are found in the customer name.

You can read more about regular expression here.

Manual B2C Handling

If manual B2C handling is set, the B2C flag will be set to null on all records and the user will be required to specify the B2C flag on a ledger by ledger basis.

Accounting System-specific Rules

Some rules depend on the ERP/Accounting system integrated to your CRM.


Unleashed customers will always be imported as B2B if they have more than one Contact.

Cin7 Omni

Cin7 will classify a record as B2C if:

  • The PriceTier “IsB2C” flag is set for the price tier of the ledger

  • The CustomerType “IsB2C” flag is set for the ledger's customer type, based on the “group” field in Cin7

  • The name of the Company is blank (note that despite being displayed as a required field on the UI, you don't have to specify a company name in Cin7)

Cin7 Core

Cin7 will classify a record as B2C if the "IsB2C" flag is set for the price tier of the ledger.

QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce will classify a record as B2C if the "company_type" is set to “consumer”.

Note: QuickBooks Commerce doesn't apply the name matching test since records in this system don't have names.

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