Maintenance mode is useful when you need to perform scheduled maintenance that requires stopping your customers from placing orders via your Prospect eCommerce site.


  • You'll need to have a Prospect eCommerce site

  • You'll need to have a maintenance page designed for this purpose

  • When creating this page, you need to consider that some components of the eCommerce may not function like normal. For example, the Product Groups plugin may not be functioning so this should not be used on your maintenance page

  • When you put your site into maintenance mode the system caches your page on our server which is separate from yours and is served from there

Step 1: Edit Site Properties

To place your site into maintenance mode, first specify your maintenance page and the date and time your site will go into maintenance in the site settings. To do this go to “Home” on the ribbon bar, then “Site Properties”.

Step 2: Select Error Pages

Then, click "Error Pages".

Step 3: Select Maintenance Page, Time & Date

Click the blue link in the 'Maintenance Page' input and select the page you wish to use.

When the time and date is reached in the 'Next Maintenance' field, your maintenance page will be served from our servers.

Step 4: Out of Maintenance Mode

To take your site out of maintenance mode, simply clear the date and time in the 'Next Maintenance' field.

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