This article will take you through the few easy steps needed to enable the posting of DEAR Inventory (becoming Cin7 Core) Salesperson onto your CRM.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights to follow the steps in this article

  • Prospect CRM User Names must match DEAR Inventory's (becoming Cin7 Core) Sales Rep Names exactly

Step 1: Navigate to System Settings

In the navigation menu, head to 'Settings' then 'System Settings'.

Step 2: Enable the DEAR Inventory/Cin7 Core Sales Person

In the top right-hand corner, click into the search and type 'DEAR Inventory Set Order Sales Rep' then click enter. You'll then see the setting to enable or disable this feature.

Once you click 'Enable', this will automatically save the changes in the CRM for you.

Please note: the Salesperson's name in the CRM must match the Salesperson's name in DEAR Inventory (becoming Cin7 Core) exactly for this to work.

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