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Mailchimp Results in Prospect CRM
Mailchimp Results in Prospect CRM

This article outlines the Email Marketing results that are displayed within Prospect CRM from Mailchimp campaigns.

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Prospect offers integration to Mailchimp, meaning you can send campaigns to customers and attract new business. Through this integration, CRM users can view the results of Email Marketing efforts - without needing to log in to Mailchimp.


  • You need a Mailchimp account & Prospect to be integrated to this account to follow the steps in this article

To view the results of Mailchimp activity, navigate to the Mailchimp page, located on the left-hand side of a Contact in Prospect.

Any interactions that have taken place with your Mailchimp campaign are recorded here.

Interactions Recorded in Prospect CRM

  • Email Opened: This records whether the Contact had opened the email, along with the email's description and date it was opened

  • Email Sent: If an email has been successfully sent to a contact, this will be recorded in the CRM

  • Web Hit: If a recipient clicks on a hyperlink within an email, this interaction appears in Prospect as "Web Hit", detailing the URL of this hyperlink

  • Email Bounced: If the email doesn't reach the Contact because the email bounced (hard or soft), this will be recorded in the CRM automatically

  • Unsubscribed: If a recipient hits "Unsubscribe" on your Mailchimp email, the CRM records this within the Email Subscription Status featured on the Communication page on a Contact

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