Quote-to-Order Workflow

Make it smooth & effortless for customers to easily accept email quotations online and let customers place their orders while you sleep!

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Please note: this feature is in Preview at the moment, which means we're still making a few tweaks here and there to make it even better. It also means that while all customers can benefit from the Quote-to-Order Workflow right now, when it's out of Preview it may be restricted to certain subscriptions.

Here is a short webinar explaining everything you need to know about the Quote-to-Order Workflow.

Why define a Quote-to-Order Workflow?

A Quote-to-Order Workflow helps you create a repeatable, scalable and profitable sales motion that helps you grow your business, deliver a great customer experience and makes staff happier and more productive.

An optimal Quote-to-Order Workflow is essential for three key reasons:

  1. Allows you to define, implement & test a repeatable process that works

  2. Gets everyone working in the same way, with enforced consistency & success

  3. Admin tasks are more efficient, helping you reduce overhead costs (& errors) per order


So - we’re super excited to have created the first version of a whole new Quote-to-Order Workflow solution. This update runs alongside the creation of a new Customer Portal which will, over time, support more features and workflows (not just Quote-to-Order Workflows).

Between these new workflows and the Customer Portal, you'll be able to significantly improve the customer experience (CX) you offer, whilst also speed up your sales process by significantly reducing the time and effort it takes to get an order, and at the same time increase the accuracy and reliability of data you capture.


  • Authorisation buttons, enabling your customers to approve or reject orders

  • A Branding system to allow you to apply your own branding themes to the Customer Portal

  • Credit card payments at the point of confirming the quotation

  • Ability to apply optional business rules that require a Purchase Order Reference to be supplied

  • Advanced options to allow your larger customers to set spend limits for their employees and have any over-spend routed to a supervisor to further authorise

Future Ideas

  • Delivery charge options for the customer (you can already use all the standard delivery options within the Quote-to-Order Workflow, but we think it might be important to offer customers options for same-day, next-day or different couriers etc.)

  • Preview of the full quotation details (this is already in the email that contained the "Approve"/"Reject" buttons, but might be nice in the Customer Portal too)

  • Automated quotation chasing emails

  • Other action to take or notifications for the Sales team if the quotation isn't confirmed by a given date

...and loads more!

Want to learn more about optimising your Quote-to-Order Workflow? We have a whole page dedicated to it here!

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