Make Task Notes Optional

Choose to make Task notes optional in the CRM - great if you're setting lots of Tasks daily that don't need a note each time.

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This system option is perfect for businesses who'd prefer to let CRM users set Tasks without needing to input text as a Note. For example, for teams who are setting lots of Tasks every day, like Telemarketers, where a note isn't required, this will save time by eliminating this unnecessary step!


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Go to Settings Centre

Go to the Settings Centre by selecting System Settings in the navigation menu, and search for 'Tasks'.

Step 2: Disable Notes Enforcement

In the 'Enforce Notes when setting Tasks' setting, simply click the 'Disable' button to make entering text optional on Tasks for all CRM users.

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