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Converting a Single Company to a Company Group
Converting a Single Company to a Company Group

If you need to log multiple Companies under one Company Group, here's how!

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Single Companies, or Single Site Companies provide a simple interface for Companies that have just one site/office. Therefore, rather than navigating to a Company and then multiple Company screens, you can see all this information combined in a Single Company screen. If you have some customers who have more than one office, then it's possible to convert a Company to a Company Group.

If you wish to learn more about the difference between Single Companies and Company Groups, please click here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Single Company

Firstly, navigate to the Single Company that you need to convert to a Company Group.

Step 2: Open Further Options Menu

Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner to access the further options menu and select 'Convert to Company Group'.

Step 3: Confirm Conversion

Click the Confirm button to convert this Single Company to a Company Group.

You'll then be taken to the new Company Group where you can create additional Companies. Click here to learn how to create Companies under a Company Group.

Please note: you can also convert Company Groups back to a Single Company if required.

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