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Creating & Editing CMS Layouts
Creating & Editing CMS Layouts

This article outlines how to create and edit CMS Layouts in Prospect's eCommerce platform.

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Layouts contain the HTML mark-up that builds the structure of a page type. You may require a few different layouts – a 1 column home page with sections, or a product list page with a right hand column, for example.

Creating a Layout

From the ribbon bar, select ‘Layouts’ to access the current set of layouts and their content (as above). To create a new layout, simply click ‘Create New’ from the ribbon bar and provide a name for the new layout. Then, click 'OK'.

Once the layout is created, you'll see that there is some HTML already provided to help you get started. Simply build on that or replace it with your own pre-made HTML. Be careful when removing content items from a layout, this will cause the contents of the object in all the pages to disappear.

Partial Layouts

Almost identical to Layouts, Partial Layouts allow you to build more specific sections of code that can be re-used in other layouts to avoid having to re-code time and time again.

If you click on ‘Partial Layouts’ and click ‘Create New’ you're able to give your layout a name. Once created, you can edit the HTML mark-up as required, and click 'Save'.

Adding a Partial Layout to a main Layout

Once your partial has been created, you can insert this into a main layout by using the following syntax:


Once you've saved the main Layout, the partial placeholder you just entered will turn orange. This identifies the placeholder as a partial layout, as shown below.

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