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Using the Nearby Company Search
Using the Nearby Company Search

This article outlines how to use the Nearby Company Search within the CRM.

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When working in Sales, you could be out on the road a lot. Our search allows you to instantly find customers nearby - so you can make the most of every journey!

The Nearby Companies page is located on all Companies. 

By default, the Companies postcode will be pulled through to the Postcode field, but you can change this to an alternative postcode if required. Also, the search will try to find all Companies within a 25 mile radius, but again, you can amend this distance if needed. Once happy with your amended search filters, click the 'Search' button and all nearby Companies will be listed, as well as distance in miles.

Step 3: Use the Report Builder

Within the People & Places Report group, you also have a 'Companies Near UK Postcode' Report. Here, you can specify a postcode and the distance to obtain a list of Companies nearby. Once happy with your search criteria, click the 'Search' button.

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