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Configuring Standard Document Text
Configuring Standard Document Text

This article outlines how to configure a Standard Company Document Text Search & Replace Field.

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Standard Document Text can be used to easily merge static information, like internal Company details. For example, it can be used to enter your standard Terms & Conditions or your company registration number, into multiple document templates. This works by inserting a special Search and Replace Field into the document template. By using Standard Document texts, you then only need to update the information once, rather than on each document template, saving you time and helping you avoid errors.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Go to Settings Centre

To create and manage Standard Document Text, click on the settings drop down, then select System Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Emails & Documents in Settings

Once within Settings, navigate to the Emails & Documents page and scroll down until you reach the Standard Document Text configure option or click here.

Step 3: Configure Standard Document Text

By selecting the 'Click to Configure' link, the Configure Standard Document Text window will open. Here, all of your current Standard Document Texts will be listed. To add a new one, click on the plus icon in the top right-hand corner.

If you are looking to change any information, for example, if you just moved address and so need to update this merge field in your documents. Navigate to the Configure Standard Document Text area and click the Pencil Icon to alter the information.

Step 4: Enter Information

You'll then be asked to enter some information about the New Document Standard Text. Firstly, enter a code to be used as part of the Search and Replace field. This should be relevant to the information that will be included in this Standard Document Text. You can then either type out the text to be included or paste in the text to be used.

Once happy with the information entered, click 'Create' and your new Standard Document Text can be used!

To add a Standard Document Text to a document template, use the following Search and Replace field:


For example, for this Virus Standard Document Text, you'd enter {StandardText.virus}. 

Please Note you can search for the field using the merge field search bar.

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