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Adding Web Product Descriptions
Adding Web Product Descriptions

This article outlines how to add web product descriptions to CRM product records.

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The product descriptions that appear in the CRM are imported from your integrated accounting/ERP system. However, these can sometimes be confusing to customers and not very customer friendly. As a result, you may wish to give the product a 'Web Product Description'. The web product description will be displayed on your integrated eCommerce site. 

Step 1: Search for Product

To edit a Web Product Description, navigate to the product using the global search or alternatively, click on the product's description from the Product Manager. 

Step 2: Add Description & Save!

Either option will take you to the product's CRM record. Once opened, navigate to the Web page and type in your new product web description within the 'Web Description' field. Once happy with your new description, click out of the field and this change will be saved and displayed on your integrated website. 

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