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Configuring Default Phone Link Interaction Type
Configuring Default Phone Link Interaction Type

This article outlines how to configure a Default Interaction Type and Interaction Window Pop-up, after clicking a Telephone Link.

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When adding notes to a CRM record, a user can select an Interaction Type, such as Incoming Call or Customer Meeting. After making a call to a customer, a user will usually need to add notes to the 'Activity' section on the CRM record. Therefore, you can configure a Default Phone Link Interaction Type for when a user clicks a Telephone Link, which will automatically pop-up an interaction window for the user to add notes to. This functionality is very helpful if your CRM users make a large volume of calls as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Step 1: Go to Settings Centre

To edit your default phone link Interaction Types, click on the settings drop down, then select System Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to General

Once within the 'Settings Centre', navigate to the 'General' section and scroll down until you reach the 'Default Phone Link Interaction Type' configure option.

Step 3: Choose Required Default Interaction Type

Simply choose the default Interaction Type that you wish to use, for example 'Made Contact'. For more information on how to configure your Interaction Types, please take a look at our Configuring your Interaction Types article.

Now that you have selected you Default Interaction Type, every time a Phone Link is clicked, an interaction window will pop-up for the user to add notes to. 

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