Please note: as of version 68 (expected release: March 2021) the term 'Recall' will be replaced with the term 'Task' throughout the product.

Step 1: Click Next Action Due Tile

If you wish to transfer the ownership of a CRM record and assign a Task/Recall to another CRM user or yourself, simply click the 'Next Action Due' button on a record. This button is typically located underneath the At A Glance section of a record on the main Details page. 

Step 2: Add Note for Task/Recall

By clicking on the 'Next Action Due' button, it'll open up a text box. Here, you can add notes which will be sent with the Task/Recall, as well as styling to your message, such as bold and italics.

Step 3: Select Task/Recall User

You can then select the CRM user you wish to send the Task/Recall to and the day you'd like the Task/Recall to appear in their to do list. Once you've selected a date, you can then view how many Tasks/Recalls that user has already assigned to them for that day and how many overdue Tasks/Recalls they have. 

Step 4: Save!

Once happy, click 'Save' and this will then send that user an email with the Tasks/Recalls message and a link to the record. 

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