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Changing a Parent Record
Changing a Parent Record

This article outlines how to change the parent of a record within the CRM. This can be done from any level of the CRM hierarchy.

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The hierarchy of the CRM means that records such as Contacts, Opportunities and Problems have parent records, which sit above one another in the CRM. A parent record of an Opportunity, for example, would generally be a Contact, whereas a parent record of a Contact would be a Company.

Step 1: Open a Record

To change a parent, simply open the record you wish to reassign. In this example, we're on a Contact record. 

Step 2: Select Change Parent

From here, select the three dots on the right-hand side. This will give you the option 'Change Parent'.

Step 3: Search for Record

Next, a new search window will open allowing you to look for the record you want to move to. 

As we're on a Contact, the search will look for Companies. The search will automatically change and display the appropriate results depending on which record you are changing the parent for. 

After selecting the correct record, the CRM will be automatically update to show the new location in the hierarchy and a note will be added in the Activity of your record outlining that the parent has been changed. 

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