Equipment Records allow you to record the details of products that your customers have either under a service contract with you or on lease. Equipment Items are created from a division record & once created can be linked to a contract within the CRM. 

To create an Equipment Item navigate to a division record & click on the quick add button in the top right-hand corner. From here you can select the Equipment option from the drop down. 

You will then be able to start filling out information about your new Equipment Item:
Description: This should describe the equipment item that the customer has from your business. For example Premium Alarm System Model.
Type: Equipment type is used to categorise your equipment based on your own requirements. For example Alarm Systems.
Status: The status of Equipment records can be customised to your processes and terminology such as; Active, Returned or Written off.
Serial Number: If your product item has a serial number you can record his here. You can also search by this serial number within the main global search.
Version Number: Some products may have different versions so being able to record it's version number can be helpful to CRM users.
Product: If the product exists within your CRM, you can search for it's product record by clicking on the pencil icon linking the two together.
Manufacturer: If the product is not made by your business you may wish to record the manufacturer of the product.
Manufacturer Reference:
Sometimes the manufacturer will give you a reference, especially if the product still has manufacturer warranty. Recording this information all in one place can be helpful to your CRM users.
Manufacturer Warranty: Equipment records are often covered by a service contract however depending on how new the equipment item is, it could be covered by the manufacturer. This date selector allows you to select the Manufacturer Warranty date for this cover.
Contract Reference: If there is a contract in place it can be helpful to record the contract reference for this equipment item.
Commissioned: It an be helpful to record the date the equipment item was installed & commissioned, especially if maintenance needs to be performed after a particular period of time.
Decommissioned: Finally, you can set a decommission date if the equipment item needs to be decommissioned on a certain date. If you're unaware of a decommission date then you can leave this as not set & input a date if the equipment is ever written off in the future. 

Once happy with the information entered click Create & your new Equipment Item will be created. You will then be able to fill out additional information about your new Equipment Item such as the Main Contact & Support Contact on the main details page.

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