Equipment records allow you to record the details of products that your customers have in their possession - either under a service contract with you, or on lease. For products that will be under a service contract with you, the CRM can automatically create equipment items under the customer's Company when the product is sold.

Please note: this feature is currently only available for customers who use Unleashed as their Inventory Management System.

Step 1: Navigate to a Product

Firstly, navigate to the product that you wish to have equipment items created whenever sold. Within the Equipment section, select 'Yes' to 'Create Equipment'.

Step 2: Set Equipment Type & Status

You can then set what Equipment Type and Status will be applied when the equipment item is created. The status of equipment records can be customised to your processes and terminology such as:

  • Active

  • Returned

  • Written off/No longer in use

Click here to learn more about Equipment Statuses.

Equipment Types are used to categorise your equipment based on your own requirements. Click here to learn more.

Once you've set these two options, whenever this product is sold on a confirmed order via the CRM, an equipment item will automatically be created under the customer that purchased the product.

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