Within Prospect CRM, you can create either a Business Contact or an Individual Contact. A Business Contact should be used when creating a brand new company within your CRM for traditional B2B relationships. An Individual Contact should be used when creating a B2C Contact within your CRM (someone who doesn't work for a business).

Sometimes, you may create an individual thinking that you'll have a B2C relationship with the contact but ultimately they do register their business with you. As a result, you may need to convert their Individual Contact into a Business Contact instead. Furthermore, you may have created a Business Contact for an Individual in error and would then need to convert them to the correct record type.

Step 1: Open Further Options Menu

To convert your record type, open the Contact in question and click the three dots in the top right-hand corner to open the further options menu and select 'Convert to B2B' or 'Convert to B2C' (depending which you require).

Step 2: Assign Contact to Division (Converting B2C to B2B Only)

If you're converting a B2C contact record into a B2B record, then you'll need to either assign the Contact to an existing Division, or create a new one. If you're assigning the Contact to a Division that already exists, simply click the pencil icon to search for this. If however you're creating an entirely new Division, simply give this Division a name. Once happy with your selection, click 'Convert'.

Step 3: Delete Division or Keep Division (Converting B2B to B2C Only)

If you're converting a B2B record into a B2C record, you can choose to either delete the Division that this Contact is under or keep it. Once happy with your selection, click 'Convert'.

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