Urgent notes allow users or administrator users to set urgent and important notes on a CRM record. By setting notes as 'Urgent', the note automatically appears as either a banner on the CRM record or as a pop-up when the record is opened. To start setting urgent notes, you will first need to enable this configuration option. Please note: you will need to configure your urgent notes before being able to start setting these within the CRM for your customer's records. For more information on how to configure urgent notes, take a look at our article here.

Step 1: Adding Urgent Notes

To add an urgent note to a CRM record, simply click on 'Add your Reply here...' within the Activity feed on the desired CRM record. 

Step 2: Add Text & Post as Urgent

Type out your note, and once happy with how it appears, click on the drop-down arrow next to the 'Post' button and select 'Post as Urgent'.

Step 3: Set Expiry Date

By clicking 'Post as Urgent', you will be asked to set an Expiry Date. If you have set a Default Urgency Period when configuring your urgent notes then this will default to that system default setting. Once happy, click the 'Post' button.

Step 4: View your Urgent Note

You will now notice that the note you marked as 'Urgent' will appear either in a banner at the top of the CRM record, or in a pop-up when the record is opened. Again, this will depend on how your urgent notes have been configured

Step 5: Removing Urgent Notes

To remove an urgent note before it's expiry, simply click on the urgent note icon for the required note. By clicking on this icon, the note will be converted from an urgent note to a standard note within the Activity feed. 

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