Save to CRM can be added to your Outlook desktop app or web application. By installing the Save to CRM add-in you can save incoming emails to the appropriate CRM record. For outgoing emails, we would recommend sending emails via the Prospect CRM as these will be automatically saved. If you still need to install the Save to CRM add-in take a look at our Installing Save To CRM Add-in article. This article will focus on how you can use the Save to CRM add-in to save incoming emails.

 To save an email click on the Save to CRM button within your Outlook. 

By clicking the Save to CRM button a side panel will appear within your Outlook. The Save to CRM add-in will try to suggest some relevant CRM records based on the email being saved: 

  • CRM contact that has the same email address that this email is from
  • CRM Record that you last saved an email to 
  • CRM Record that someone last saved an email to
  • Your most recently accessed CRM record

If you need to save this email to an alternative CRM record click on the Find option. 

Within here you can search for the CRM record that you wish to save this email to. Please note you will need to select the appropriate hierarchy level that you wish to search within. 

Once you have found the required CRM record click the Save to CRM button & a copy of the email will be saved. Please note that there is a 1MB storage limit for each email being saved.

Here is an example email saved within the CRM, you will be presented with the text of the email, any attachments that were also saved & a download button, so you can forward or reply to the email. 

To save an email to another CRM record simply click on the Unlink button within the Save to CRM Add-in & repeat the above process. 

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