Document templates help to ensure all messages being sent to your customers are on brand, whilst also saving CRM users' time and effort. This particular article will focus on how you can benefit from using Document templates at Quote level within the CRM.

This article will assume that you already have Quote Document templates setup within your system. 

Step 1: Select the Contact's email Address

To use your Quote email templates, click on the Contact's email address within the Communication card on the Quote. 

Step 2: Choose a Template

By clicking on the Contact's email address, this will open the Send Email window. From here, you can choose a template from the drop-down list that you wish to use. 

Using search and replace fields, information from your Quote will be pulled through into the email. For example, the products featured on the Quote are pulled through and included within the Quote table. 

Once happy with your email, if you click send. the email will be sent via our Prospect service to the recipient. 

Step 3: Sending a Word Quote Document

Alternatively, you may have a Word Quote Document template that you wish to send to your customer. To use your Word Quote document template, click on the + icon at the top of the Quote and select the Document option.

You will then have the following options to choose from:

Use Template: This option enables you to choose and create one of your standard Document Word or Excel templates.
Upload Files: Using this option you will be able to select a file to save into the CRM from your file browser.
External Link: This option will allow you to save a URL as a Document, e.g. a link to a SharePoint Document.
Send an Email: If you choose this option it will open the new email creation window, where you can choose to compose a personalised email or use a standard email template.
Upload a Photo: If you're using a mobile device then this option will use your phone's camera to take a photo and save against the record you have open.
Drag Files Here: Here you can drag and drop a file from your desktop or file browser to upload to the CRM. It will take the file name as the document description. 

Therefore, to use your Word Document template, choose the 'Use Template' option. This will then open the New Document window, where you can choose the type of template you wish to create. Once chosen, click 'Create'. 

The Document template will then be populated using the information from the Quote  and the user can download a copy. 

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