A relationship can be set between any two records in the CRM. New relationship types can be created if you have the correct level of authority in the CRM.  

In the example shown here we will set it between a Contact and a Division. 

On a Contact Record select the 'Related' tab on the left hand side. This will show you any existing relationships which have been set up and also allow you to create new ones. 

This is done by selecting the + icon which will open the new window shown below. The example below shows the 'Configure' option, this is only available if you have the correct authorisation levels in the CRM.

Once you have selected the correct relationship to set up, you then need to select the record you want to link to. Depending on the type of relationship you have selected will alter the search you are able to complete. For example if the relationship goes from a Contact to a Division, then the search will only return Divisions for you. 

Once you have chosen the correct record, the new relationship will be shown on the Related tab. 

If you open the corresponding record from the Related tab, you will see the same relationship displayed. 

To configure your relationship types take a look at our Configuring Relationship Types article.

For more information setting a Relationship please see our video below.

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