This article relates to setting a password for access to an eCommerce site, not setting a password for accessing the CRM itself.

On a Contact record select the 'Online' tab on the left hand side.

This will show you the primary email address which is used as the username for the Contact. It will also allow you to set a password and also the authority level the Contact will have when they log into the site. 

If the password does not meet the strength requirements you will not be able to set it for the customer. Once the password is strong enough the lock icon will allow you to select it. 

You can also set the authority for the Contact accessing the eCommerce site. Usually this will just be kept as 'Default' however in some specific instances you may need to change this. 

Select the required option from the drop down list and it will be saved automatically. 

You can also enable the 'Force Password Change' option. Once a Contact has logged into the eCommerce site a new password will need to be entered before they can continue.  

For more information about the Online Tab please see our video below.

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