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Setting an e-Login (eCommerce Only)
Setting an e-Login (eCommerce Only)

This article outlines how to set up a customer with an e-Login for your eCommerce website.

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In order to grant your customer's access to the website or to place an order via the website, you may need to set them up with an e-Login. 

Firstly, you will need to navigate to the contact you wish to setup with an e-Login. Once on the contact, open up the Online page on the left-hand side. 

Email: By default the email will pull through the email address featured on the main details page.
Account Status: In order for the customer to be able to login on your website then you will need to ensure the Account Status is set to Enabled.
This will be the password they use to login. You must ensure the password has at least 8 characters containing capitals, lowercase and numbers.
Set Password:
You will be able to click this if you have set the customer a new password.
Authority Level:
Some websites use the different authority levels to determine which aspects of the website can be navigated to by the logged in user. Therefore, check with your key user to see if you have any authority levels setup.
Force Password Change:
If you would like the customer to change their password when they use the temporary password you have setup for them, then ensure this is ticked. 

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