Records can only be deleted from the CRM if you have the correct authorisation settings. If you do not have the options shown below please contact your key CRM user or Account Manager at ProspectSoft. 

Once you are on the record you need to delete, select the 3 dots from the right hand side. 

Then select the option to 'Delete'. This will then give you the option shown below.

If you want to keep the records under the Contact i.e. any Leads, Problems or Quotes, they can be moved to an existing Contact using the 'Move children' option. You then need to search for the record to save them under using the 'Parent' option. 

If you want to delete the Contact and any records which are stored under it, simply select the 'Delete children' option. 

This will then mark the record as deleted. 

For more information about deleting a Contact Record please see our video below.

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