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Troubleshooting Enquiry Web Forms
Troubleshooting Enquiry Web Forms

Troubleshoot embedded Enquiry Web Forms on your website to resolve common issues.

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Enquiry Web Forms are a great way to gather details of potential leads and automatically log them in your CRM, but occasionally there can be issues on your website which stop the form from loading or submitting.

To learn more about setting up your Enquiry Web Forms check out this guide here!

Below are some common problems that can cause your Enquiry Web Form to appear not to work, and what you can to do resolve them.


Incorrect reCAPTCHA Keys

The most common issue for an Enquiry Web Form not working is incorrect or invalid reCAPTCHA keys or an incorrectly-loaded library. If this is the case, you'll find the form won't submit and will usually pop up an error when you attempt this.

The CRM web form will only load the reCAPTCHA library if it's not already initiated on the page. If you're embedding the Enquiry Web Form on your own website, please ensure that if you're loading reCAPTCHA yourself, it's the correct version of the library.

Please also ensure that you're using the same reCAPTCHA keys in the CRM as you are in the library you're loading on the website. To check your CRM reCAPTCHA key you can go here.


If you suspect you have incorrect reCAPTCHA library loaded, you can test the reCAPTCHA library by opening your Enquiry Web Form in a browser, opening the Developer console by pressing F12, then typing:


If Google reCAPTCHA is not loaded, you'll see a message "ReferenceError: grecaptcha is not defined"

If it's loaded you will see a different message: "BoundFunctionObject { … }"

If it's loaded with a different key than the one we're trying to use, you'll see an error: "Uncaught Error: Invalid site key or not loaded in api.js"

You can then take the necessary action to resolve this as per the console response.

Mandatory Fields

Some fields can be marked as mandatory in the Enquiry Web Form, which should use the browser's HTML validation and pop up a message on submission if this isn't filled in. This can make the form appear to not submit.

If these are not being displayed, you'll need to investigate the browser version in use to see if it doesn't support these, and see if any additional JavaScript libraries can be added to add in the validation functionality.

Network errors (HTTP4xx or HTTP5xx)

Sometimes there will be an issue when submitting the form that will show an HTTP error in the browser. Any HTTP status codes starting 4xx (bad requests) or 5xx (server errors) indicate the form has been filled in, but there's an issue when submitting the data.

This may require investigation from our Service Desk. If you can recreate the issue in your browser, open the Developer console by pressing F12 and then swap to the Network tab, then submit the form. This will do a POST request to our CRM and you'll see a request to If this has a HTTP 2xx response it should be successful; if there is another response code with an error, please make a note of this and get in touch with us.

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