Configuring Contract Types

Learn how to set Contract Types within the CRM so you can categorise what type of Contract a customer has with you.

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To help you record contractual relationships with your customers, you can set Contracts on Companies. These Contracts can help to record information, such as contract renewal dates and who the main Contact is for the Contract. Click here to learn more about Contracts.

On a Contract you can specify the type of contract you're creating such as 'Basic Maintenance Contract' or 'Premium Maintenance Contract'.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

  • You'll need Contracts enabled in the Settings Centre before you can follow the steps in this article - here's how

Step 1: Configure your Contract Type

Click here to take you straight to the Configure Contract Type page.

Step 2: Add in New Configuration

Once you've clicked 'Configure', your current Contract Type options will appear with the option to add more. To add another, simply click the plus button in the top right-hand corner.

This will then bring up the New Contract Type window, where you can then enter the name of the new type you'd like to add in your drop-down list.

Here, you can categorise what type of Contract the customer has in place. For example, "Basic Maintenance Contract" or "Premium Maintenance Contract".

Once you click 'Create', these will automatically be added to your Contract Type drop-down.

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