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Making Fields Mandatory
Making Fields Mandatory

How to make important CRM fields mandatory to ensure reliable CRM data for your business processes.

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Some CRM fields may be important to your business processes, therefore ensuring your users are completing these fields is crucial. Using the Customiser, you can make fields mandatory by marking them as required. Users will then be forced to complete these fields before closing the CRM record. This will also make those fields show on the record creation screen to input. A great example of this is ensuring your users add a company's phone number by making it a required field.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Accessing Customiser

Navigate to the record that includes the field that you wish to make mandatory. For example, if we wanted to make the Company Phone Number field mandatory we would navigate to a Company record. Once on the record, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select 'Customise' from the drop-down.

Step 2: Choosing Fields to Make Mandatory

By clicking the Customise option, the record that you're on will be shown in edit mode. Click the spanner icon next to the field that you wish to make mandatory.

Step 3- Mark Field as Required

Within the pop-up, tick the 'Required' flag and press 'OK'.

Step 4: Save Changes

Once you've made all of the necessary fields mandatory, remember to click the Save icon located in the top right-hand corner to save your changes.

Now, when a user accesses a record that includes that mandatory field, they'll not be able to close the record without adding the required information.

Please Note this will update in all Company records.

Creation Screen

Making a field required on the interface will also make this field show on the record's creation screen. This is because for the record to exist that field must be filled out. This is also a good way to customise what information Users must enter before they can create a record.

When a field has the red asterisk then you know it's required. If you try to create a record without filling out one of the required fields then it will not be created and the field will turn red indicating it must be populated.

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