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Using the Next & Previous Buttons
Using the Next & Previous Buttons

This article outlines how to use the Next & Previous buttons in the CRM.

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Using the Next and Previous buttons can help you to quickly review your data (like when analysing a Report on your iPad).

Step 1: Choose a Record

Firstly, you'll need to choose a record in the CRM by clicking on the record's description. In the example below, we have the 'All Open Opportunities' Report, and to open an Opportunity from this Report, we need to click on the Opportunity's Description. 

Step 2: Using the Next Button

Once your CRM record is open, you'll notice the Next and Previous buttons along the top of the page (up and down arrow icons). To go to the next page, simply click on the 'Next Record' button.

Step 3: Using the Previous Button

By clicking the Next button, the next page within the Report will open. To navigate back to the previous one, simply click the Previous button (up arrow). 

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