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Performing a Bulk Image Upload
Performing a Bulk Image Upload

This article outlines how to perform a bulk image upload for your web product and group images within the Product Manager.

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To help you maintain the imagery on your website efficiently, you can bulk upload product and group images. To make it as quick and easy as possible, you can upload a zip file containing all the images you want to upload. Please note: each image filename should match the product codes or group codes as appropriate. 

Step 1: Upload in Product Manager

To perform a bulk image upload, simply click on the upload icon in the top right-hand corner of the Product Manager. 

Step 2: Choose Image Type & Browse

Then, you can choose whether you're uploading product images or group images.
Once happy with your selection, click on the 'Browse' button, which will take you to your file browser to select the required file.

Step 3: Upload!

After you've selected the correct file, you'll be able to click the 'Upload' button and your images will then be uploaded. Please note: depending on how many files you're uploading and the size of the files, this process may take a few moments, so you may wish to check back later on to see it's progress.

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