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Adding Products to a Quote Using Quick Search
Adding Products to a Quote Using Quick Search

This article outlines how to add products to a Quote using the Quick Search.

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The fastest way of adding products to your Quote is to use the in-line quick search. Adding products using the quick search is useful when a user needs to add just one or two products and they know the description or Product Reference. 

Firstly, create your order against the required customer and click within the 'Search for a Product' field to start typing your search term. Based on the search term entered, you will be provided with a list of products for you to choose from. Simply click on the required Product and it will be added to your Quote, using the information imported from your Accounting System, such as price and discounts.

When using the quick search, we'd recommend using the Product Description or Product Reference when trying to find the correct product. If you need to add multiple products or would like to do a more broader and less specific search, I'd recommend using the Multi-order line entry to add products. Please see our article for more information.  

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