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Adding Products to a Quote using Multi-line Order Entry
Adding Products to a Quote using Multi-line Order Entry

This article outlines how to add products to your Quote using Multi-line Order Entry

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Multi-line order entry allows users to add multiple products to a Quote in one go, which is particularly helpful if you're dealing with a large order. 

Step 1: Create an Order

Firstly, create your order against the required customer and click within the 'Search for a Product' field. You will then be presented with the 'Search' drop-down as highlighted in blue. Click this option to open up the Product Search window. 

Step 2: Type in a Search Term

By typing in your search term within the Product search, all of the relevant products will be displayed. From here you can enter the required amount within the quantity field for each product. Once happy with your selection, click 'Add' and the products with quantities entered will be added to your Quote in the background. You can then continue searching for further products within the Product search shown below. 

A great tool within this Product Search is our 'Recently Purchased' and 'Popular' views we have. This will show you what is popular currently or what this customer has recently purchased. So, when a customer says "I'll have the same as last time", you can see exactly what that was without the hassle of looking through old quotes! This can be changed using the Drop-Down in the top left of the report.

This report also has the ability to be filtered by Product Category. Perhaps, only certain categories are relevant to a customer and so limiting your search means you can find products quicker but also add multiple without needing to search each one. You can find this drop-down next to the search view options in the top left-hand corner.

Step 3: Select Add and Close

If you were to click 'Add and Close', the product search will close and you will be taken back to the Quote to continue the sales process. 

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