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At a Glance Information - Company Level
At a Glance Information - Company Level

This article outlines where you can find the At a Glance information at Company level within the CRM.

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The At a Glance card can be found on all Companies on the Details page, providing you with quick stats about a particular business.

The first card within the At a Glance section shows the financial difference between the last 365 days and the previous 365 days. This gives the user a quick indication as to whether the customer's spending has increased or decreased over the past year. If you click onto the card it'll open the Sales Transactions page, detailing the products this business has purchased with you. 

Below the Last 365 Days card is the Sales Value, detailing the total value spent so far in the current calendar year. If you click on the card, it'll list all the Products purchased by this business in that calendar year, providing great insight into their purchasing behaviour.

Underneath the Google Maps preview of the Companies location, you can then view how many active Opportunities, Problems and Contacts the Company has. If you were to click on any one of these cards, it'd take you to their individual pages e.g. if you click on the Active Problems card it will open the Problem page. 

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