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Setting a Contact's Preference Flag
Setting a Contact's Preference Flag

This article will outline how to set the Preference Flags on a Contact.

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Preference Flags are used to determine how a Contact in your CRM wants to be contacted. This is particularly important when you're sending out marketing communications to these Contacts, as you should only send these types of communications to those who are happy to be contacted.

Step 1: Go to Communication Page on Contact

On a Contact in the CRM, select the Communication tab on the left-hand side. This is where you can set the Customer's email and physical mail preferences. ย 

Step 2: Turn Preference Toggles On/Off

By toggling a preference on, it'll turn blue (it'll be grey if it's toggled off). Once you've made your selection, it'll be saved automatically in the CRM.

Email Flag

The Email Flag determines whether or not the Contact is Subscribed or Unsubscribed from your email marketing communications. If your CRM is integrated to one of our email marketing providers like Mailchimp or Spotler, please note that the Email Flag is mapped. Therefore, if you sent out a marketing campaign using one of these systems, and one of the recipient's unsubscribed, their record in the CRM would update from 'Subscribed' to 'Unsubscribed' automatically!

Please Note: If you are connected to Mailchimp your workspace will show Email Subscription Status in place of Email Flag.

Physical Mail Flag

The Physical flag determines whether or not the Contact is Subscribed or Unsubscribed from marketing communications you send out in the post, such as letters or promotional flyers.

โ€‹Please note: these flags are there for marketing purposes, i.e. if you are sending out a price increase notification that your customers must be aware of, and a Contact's Email Flag is set to 'Unsubscribed', as long as this notification is not a marketing communication, you can send this to them anyway due to the nature of the email - despite them being marked as 'Unsubscribed'.

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