User Dictionaries are used to group users together for customisation purposes. Dictionaries do not necessarily relate to the departments or roles that a user does, but is more about what they should see and the experience they will have in the CRM. All customisations (Fields, Layouts, Text etc.) are configured on a per-dictionary basis.

To configure your User Dictionaries, you will require Prospect Administrator rights. If you require these, then please speak to your CRM Admin user or our Customer Services Team. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings Centre

To edit your User Dictionaries, click on the cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

Once within the Settings Centre, navigate to the 'General' section and scroll down until you reach the 'User Dictionaries' configure option.

Step 2: Adding a New User Dictionary

By selecting the 'Click to Configure' link, the Configure User Dictionaries window will open. Within this window, all of your current User Dictionaries will be listed. To add a new one, click on the '+' icon in the top right-hand corner. 

Step 3: Adding a Description

You can then give your new User Dictionary a Description and unique, Dictionary Code. For example, Management with a unique code of MAN. Click 'Create' once happy with the information entered and your new User Dictionary will be available. 

Step 4: Assigning Users to a User Dictionary

To assign users to this User Dictionary, navigate to the Users Administration section via Once open, click on the User that you wish to add to the User Dictionary. 

Scroll down the page until you reach the 'Per-Profile Access & Permissions' section. Within here you have a drop-down for 'Customisations Dictionary', where you can select the required Dictionary. 

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