When reviewing a Division it is helpful to get some quick information regarding their current relationship with your business. This information may just be financial information so the customer's spend with your or alternatively how many active problems the customer has open with you. 

The At a Glance card can be found on a Division record within the Details page, providing you with this range of information.

The first card within the At a Glance section is displaying the difference between the last 365 days & the previous 365 days. This gives the user a quick indication whether the customer's spending has increased over the passed year or whether it has decreased. If you click onto the card it will open the sales page, detailing the items purchased. 

Below the Last 365 Days card you then have the 2018 Sales Value. The 2018 Sales Value card details the total value spent so far in that calendar year. If you click on the card it will list all the products purchased in that calendar year. 

Underneath the Google Maps preview of the Division's location, you can then view how many active leads, problems & contacts that the Division has. If you were to click on any one of these cards it would take you to their individual pages e.g. if you click on the Active Problems card it will open the Problem page. 

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