In order to configure drop down menus within the CRM, you must have the correct level of authority within the CRM. If you do not,  then please contact your Account Manager, or Key CRM User within your business. 

Leads and Problems within the CRM have particular Statuses which can be selected to help chart the movement through the process. The Statuses can be altered to best fit the process flow used by your business. 

To change a Status simply open a Lead or Problem then select 'Configure' from the drop down list. 

This will then open a new window which will list all of the current Statuses which are able to be selected from the drop down. To edit an existing one simply click on the pencil icon; to create a new one select the + icon. 

This will allow you to add a description which will then appear within the drop down menu. 

Once the Status has been created there are a couple of additional options which need to be selected. These are the 'Recall Required', 'Dead Flag', 'Edited Allowed' and 'Obsolete'. 

Recall Required is used if you want to force the user of the CRM to recall this record to themselves or another user when the chosen status is selected. 

Dead Flag is used if the chosen status is going to be the final status of the process flow. This will then prompt the user of the CRM that a recall is not required and advise them to clear it. This avoids records building up on a users task list when no further action is required on them. 

Edited Allowed should be selected if you want the users of the CRM to be able to alter the record and move it into another Status. 

Obsolete shows if the selected Status is being used any more within the CRM. If a Status is marked as obsolete then it will no longer appear in the drop down menu. 

There is also the option to add an additional description to a Status. This is usually used when you have a Status such as 'Won' or 'Lost' and you want to add further information to it such as 'Lost to competitor' or 'Lost on price' etc. 

To create an additional description, click on the + icon as shown below and then follow the same process outlined above to add a new description. 


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