Different teams within your business may need to see different information within the CRM. You can differentiate users into their corresponding teams using User Dictionaries. For more information on how to add users to particular user dictionaries take a look at our Configuring your User Dictionaries article. Using these dictionaries we can customise CRM records to display different fields. 

In order to access the CRM customiser, you must have the correct level of authority attached to your CRM login. If you do not, then please contact the Customer Services Team or the Key CRM user within your business. 

Firstly, open the record you wish to change the layout of & click the three dots, as featured in the below screenshot of a Contact record:

By choosing the Customise option the Contact Record will be shown within an edit view, displaying all of the fields on the current Contact Record within their relevant groups. E.g. the contact name & phone number is displayed within the Details group.  

To edit a particular user dictionary view, click on the Default Dictionary drop-down in the top right-hand corner & select the required dictionary. 

Now that you have selected the required dictionary you can continue customising the record & these changes will only be available to those within the selected user dictionary. For more information on how to use the customiser take a look at our Admin User- Customising your Prospect 365 User Interface article. 

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