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Migrating a Verified Domain
Migrating a Verified Domain
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Earlier this year we upgraded our SendGrid account to include better security, deliverability, and link tracking!
Part of this includes migrating existing domains that have been verified in the CRM from the old SendGrid account to the new upgraded Account.
This guide will walk you through the process to migrate your existing verified domains.

Step 1: Upgrade the Domain

A user with Organizational Admin rights will first need to begin the migration process via this link. Find the domain you want to migrate and click "Upgrade".

Step 2: Verifying Domain

A pop-up will appear providing you with instructions on how to verify your domain with the necessary changes for your DNS record. These DNS records will be different to the existing records you have input to originally verify your domain.

You'll most likely need to contact your domain provider to get this added. If you need to send these instructions to a colleague use the 'Email instructions to' option by typing in the recipients email address and clicking the 'Send' button.

Once you've followed the instructions provided and completed the changes to your DNS Record, you'll be able to click the 'Verify' button or you can select the 'Verify Later' option if you need to do this at a later date.

Once verified you are ready to go!

Next, you might like to take a look at configuring and enforcing single sign on.

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