Prospect's Campaigns is a tool to help generate better leads that your Sales team can close. Campaigns can be used to manage both Marketing and Sales activities like Tradeshows and Telemarketing lists.

In this guide, we give you some ideas on how to effectively use Prospect's Campaigns to generate quality leads.

E-shots to Current Customers & Prospects

A traditional but effective way of marketing to your customers and prospects is to use Email Marketing. By using Prospect's Campaigns you can attribute Opportunities and orders back to the exact Campaign Activity that generated them, helping to understand the success of your e-shots.

Monthly Newsletters

Keeping customers informed with regular communications is a great way to tackle customer retention, and monthly newsletters is a prime example of just that! Using our Campaign hierarchy you can create an organised structure where all monthly Newsletters are grouped together under one Campaign. Having an organised structure makes it easier for your Sales team to see historic newsletters that have been sent to their customers.

Trade Shows

For some businesses, trade shows key events in the calendar to help drive more business, and are a valuable networking opportunity with existing customers. To ensure your return on investment for these big events, it's important to act upon the leads you acquire. Use Prospect Campaigns, you can record who attended the event, resulting in a pipeline within the CRM for your Sales team to work through.


Prospect's Campaigns can also be used to generate telemarketing/calling lists for your Sales/Marketing team. Again, they can attribute Opportunities and Orders back to the exact Campaign Activity, enabling you to see the impact of their calling. Plus, you can evenly split a Campaign Activity between your Sales team using our audience splitting feature.

Go ahead and create your first winning campaign to help obtain quality leads for your Sales team. Click here to find out how.

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